How to Live Green in Singapore

It is really astounding how Singapore is capable of making latest condominiums which are usually touted all over the world as a new icon, most especially as far as Architectural and Engineering development is concerned. There is a ton of accolades which continues to pop up. As a matter of fact, they can be seen in blogs all over the internet. There are also design magazines that feature most of them.

What to Expect in Owning a Property in Singapore Now?

Here are some of the things that can be expected from the country. Please take note of them:

  • Gone were the days when the city-state was still in the traditional form. There used to be a box and rectangular apartment buildings. Dramatic redesigning was done now and new landmarks were starting to rise.
  • Greenery surroundings are also common in Singapore now. They turn out to be the usual backdrop for most condos now. When it comes to this, the units can be in a penthouse or townhouse style. There are stretches that may be accessible to anyone who is interested.
  • Most of the breakthrough designs take advantage and highlight the natural environment of Singapore. As a matter of fact, the massive size of the development enables most designers to incorporate greenery so that a complex tropical feel may be achieved through the venture.
  • What is even good is that above ground vehicular circulation is also minimized. This is when designers make sure that they feature an integrated environmental sustainable design that can cater the needs of their residents. They do this by studying and analyzing factors including the micro-climate conditions, wind, and sun.
  • When is a development unique? It turned out to be a breakaway from the so-called typical Singaporean skyscraper or building. Most buildings in the city-state are isolated, complexes, towers, and vertical apartment buildings. They are little. There are instances when they do not have outstanding features.
  • Most new ventures would take in a unique and different approach so that a tropical green living may become possible. This may be made up of interconnected hexagonal buildings which are bound to highlight the natural environment of Singapore. There are also identical six-storey buildings which are stacked so that a hexagonal pattern may be formed. This may have spacious greenery and lawns, and courtyards too. This is why a perfect style is attained through the incorporation of hanging balconies, swimming pools, miniature parks, sky gardens and rooftop gardens.

When it comes to a typical condominium or apartment, there might sometimes be a compromise in privacy. But then, with the new development going on, it is ensured that privacy is balanced. This becomes possible with the presence of green open spaces which are bound for generous spacing and recreation. This usually transpires from one unit to the other. There may also be the idea of other amenities that residents may find amusing. What makes them unusual though is that they have a natural greenery side. They have an indoor and outdoor recreation area that can be the answer for fun and relaxation.